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YourGP is a busy general medical practice in Canberra's northern suburbs. Damien has started consulting here on Mondays and Thursdays. This practice is consulting only, so you will be given a copy of your prescription that you can then take to your preferred optical dispenser if you want new spectacles.  YourGP can be contacted on (02) 6109 0000 and are now accepting bookings for Damien.

Eye Trial Frame

Why Optometry at YourGP

For a long time Optometry has been performed hand in hand with buying spectacles. This can be interpreted as putting unnecessary pressure on patients to buy when new spectacles may not be required, nor even related to why they have had an eye examination.  At YourGP Damien will be consulting without this pressure, there are no spectacle frames at all!  

This means you will get a thorough eye examination, tailored to why you have come in for the consultation.  If you don't need spectacles, or don't need new spectacles, you will be told this. If you do need something you will be given a copy of your prescription that is all the information you need to get spectacles made at your preferred spectacle shop.

Female patient eye exam

Comprehensive Eye Exams

The eye examination you have will be a little different to what you may be used to. You will still have your spectacle prescription established, if you have one, and an explanation of what this is.  You will also have a thorough examination of the health of your eyes.  This will often involve eye drops to dilate your pupils to allow a more thorough examination of the back of your eye.  As many eye conditions do not have significant symptoms in the early stages this can allow for detection of problems before they have a greater impact on your vision.  It is recommended that because of these drops you bring sunglasses and someone to drive you home.

Blue eye on grey background

Contact Lens Prescriptions

Have you considered contact lenses?  There are contact lenses available that cover a wide range of uses and prescriptions, even for people who need different prescriptions for distance and near tasks.  Ask us for more information about what might work for you when you have your full eye examination.